Park Staff

Danvers Park Rangers

The primary function of the Rangers at Endicott Park is to serve as the first line of public safety to the nearly 160,000 annual park visitors. The Rangers also provide for care and maintenance of grounds, buildings, and farm animals, while also doing all of the seasonal grounds keeping such as spring planting, turf & trail maintenance, fall cleanup, and winter plowing.

While catering to audiences of all ages, our Rangers can offer formal and informal educational talks in regards to the historical, natural, and recreational significance of lands such as Endicott Park. The Rangers are available to respond to calls for medical aids within the park, with all Rangers certified at a minimum of the First Responder level. Specialized equipment such as a marked ATV and four-wheel-drive patrol truck also allow for assistance to surrounding jurisdictions with search, rescues, and recoveries. Within the park, a number of Rangers also act in a law enforcement capacity with full police powers, including enforcement of Massachusetts’ motor vehicle laws.

Chief Ranger Dave Townley

  • Park Director / Law Enforcement
  • Serving since 1975
  • 47 years of field experience
  • Master’s Degree- Environmental Education
  • B.S.F. Forest & Park Management
  • A.A.S. Forest & Park Management
  • M.C.J.T.C. Reserve Police Academy
  • First Responder, CPR, AED Danvers Special Police Officer RADAR Certified

Chief Ranger Joan Townley

  • Wildlife Biologist / Interpreter
  • Serving since 1975
  • 27 years of field experience
  • Bachelor Degree- Wildlife Biology
  • Certified Interpretive Guide
  • First Responder, CPR, AED
  • “ Keeper of the Alwifes”

Ranger Nate Swisher

  • Wildlife Specialist / Law Enforcement
  • Serving since 2001
  • 17 years of field experience
  • Bachelor Degree- Conservation Law Enforcement
  • M.C.J.T.C. Reserve Police Academy
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Danvers Special Police Officer
  • RADAR Certified
  • Eagle Scout

Ranger Christine Dean

  • Environmental Education
  • Serving since 2011
  • 10 years field experience
  • Bachelor Degree– Environmental Studies
  • Certified Elementary Educator, K-6
  • First Aid, CPR, AED
  • Facilitator – Project WET, Project WILD
  • Project Learning Tree, Growing Up WILD
  • Leave No Trace